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Vial of Life

Ensure first responders have access to your medical information in the event of an emergency with Vial of Life. This program provides a free, easy-to-use vial that contains your medical information, including medications, allergies, and emergency contacts.

The Vial of Life is a form to share information about your family members’ medical history, allergies, insurance, medications, emergency contacts and doctors. The form is an important tool to help ensure your family’s safety and wellness by expediting your emergency medical treatment and transition to a physician’s care.

It is recommended that you download and complete a copy of the form for each member of your family. Completed forms should be posted on your refrigerator so paramedics can access the information should they need to treat any member of your family, even if they are unconscious. Should you need to be transported, paramedics will take this form to present to the physician at the hospital to ensure the most efficient and competent care.

Download Vial of Life Form