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Zoning Resolution & Land Use

Washington Township’s Zoning Resolution is designed to encourage appropriate use of land; stabilize and preserve the value of property; prevent congestion and hazard in streets and roads; and secure safety from fire, flood, water contamination and air pollution.

Zoning Districts

Washington Township is divided into zoning districts, which outline specific uses for the land.

Township Land Use Plan

In April 1993, Washington Township trustees adopted a township land use plan. The plan provides guidance for appropriate uses of land in the unincorporated areas. The zoning resolution provides the regulation to help implement the land use plan. Requests for rezoning start with the Zoning Commission. Public meetings are then held before final action is taken by the Washington Township Board of Trustees.

Township Land Use Plan

City of Dublin

Zoning within the city is administered by the City of Dublin’s Division of Land Use and Long Range Planning. Learn more about the Big Darby Accord Plan at the city’s website.