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Zoning Forms

These are the zoning applications and forms for Washington Township residents.

PDF Forms & Applications

The Application for Zoning Certificate is required for:

  • New construction.
  • Addition to existing construction.
  • Signs.

The Application for Zoning Amendment is required for:

  • Requests to change current usage of a parcel in the unincorporated area.

The Appeal or Variance Request Application is required for:

  • Administrative Review – to appeal a violation.
  • Variance – to request a variance when the geographic conditions of the land are such that compliance to the Zoning Resolution would create a hardship.
  • Conditional Use – to request authority for a specific use within the zoning category.

The Affirmation of No Need of Zoning Compliance Form is required for:

  • House remodel that does not increase its square footage.
  • Construction of an accessory farm building for agricultural purposes.
  • Construction of a deck that is attached to an existing house.

The Franklin County Floodplain Permit Application is required for:

  • All new construction on a floodplain, regardless of use (residential, industrial, or agricultural).
  • Before zoning compliance can be issued.