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Paramedics rescuing someone in the forest

Technical Rescue

Washington Township is an NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) compliant level II technical rescue provider in all six disciplines: Trench, Structural Collapse, High and Low Angle Rope, Vehicle and Machinery, Confined Space, & Water Rescue Including Dive Ops.


We provide residents with one of the most comprehensive and specialized resources in the State. We are internationally recognized for our capabilities and proficiency in conducting special operations. We want our residents to know that no matter what the emergency, we are highly capable and ready to come to their aid.

Our special operations trailer provides advanced support for structural collapse, vehicle and machinery rescue and trench rescue. This resource is deployed for large-scale events to augment the heavy rescue truck.

Our heavy rescue is set up to initiate advanced rescue operations in all six technical rescue disciplines.

Our water rescue operations provide versatile watercraft that can operate in extreme current and flood like conditions as well as flat water and ice. These crafts, as well as the dive truck, support dive operations including ice dives and black water dives. We also have specialized rescue swimmers on each shift who are trained to perform GO rescues in the most extreme of circumstances.

We staff these resources on each shift with highly trained specialized rescue technicians who spend approximately two years acquiring their initial certifications and meet rigorous annual requirements for continuing education and additional specialization.

When they aren’t working their shift, some of our lead rescue technicians provide training and education to first responders around the globe.