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Special Needs Registry

Washington Township Fire Department's Special Needs Registry is designed to help individuals with special needs receive timely assistance in the event of an emergency. By registering with us, our team can provide tailored support and ensure that your unique needs are met during an emergency.

If someone in your home has short- or long-term special needs, make sure to sign up for the Washington Township Special Needs Registry. The registry lets first responders know your family member’s medical needs while en route to your home in the event of an emergency. Knowing about this potentially lifesaving information could help first responders assist your loved one faster and more effectively.

Is my information secure?
The information you provide about your family member is stored is a secure database that will be accessed only in the event of an emergency at your address.

Who is considered special needs?
Anyone requiring special medical assistance
Anyone requiring life-sustaining equipment, such as a ventilator or oxygen
Anyone requiring assistance with mobility due to illness or injury
Anyone who is unable to evacuate their residence on their own in the event of an emergency
Anyone who has cognitive or mental health impairments

How much does it cost?
There is no cost to be included in the Special Needs Registry.

How do I sign up?
Begin the registration process by completing our application and HIPPA Release. Once you submit the forms, our EMS Manager will contact you to review your information and answer any questions you have. From the time your application is reviewed with you until your information is active in the database takes about two weeks or less.

If you would like more information, call the Fire Department’s EMS Manager at 614-652-3920.