Calls for Service


Total call volume increased by 19.13% from 2020 to 2021 and 4.5% since 2019. The call volume for 2020 is lower due to the state shutdown of COVID-19 and many people staying and working from home. 2021 was the Washington Township Fire Department busiest year with a total of 6,601 runs. The WTFD expects the call volume to continue to increase as Dublin’s population both increases and ages, and as planned business development projects are completed.


Fire Code Compliance Safety Inspections

The Fire Department also ensures compliance with the fire code. In 2020, the Fire Prevention Bureau fire inspectors conducted 1,403 fire safety inspections. The inspections included installation of fire protection systems, new construction, and ongoing compliance of existing commercial buildings, re-inspections, and home safety inspections.  383 fire protection systems were completed as part of new construction and tenant improvement inspections. 838 fire protection reviews were conducted with 461 violations corrected. There were 576 inspections of existing commercial structures conducted in Washington Township and the City of Dublin.  There were 1,065 violations documented and 233 re-inspections required at those facilities with violations.


Updated: 2/7/2022

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