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The township provides services to unincorporated areas and to the City of Dublin. Emergency medical services, fire suppression, fire prevention, and recreation programs are among the services provided directly to all township residents. Road maintenance, planning and zoning services, solid waste collection, snow removal and cemetery maintenance are provided for directly or through outside contracts or cooperative agreements in the unincorporated areas. 


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Wick Wise

Candle burning is popular every month of the year, but especially so during the winter holidays. The relaxing ambiance candlelight can create can quickly turn into catastophy if an unattended burning candle results in a house fire. Never leave burning candles unattended, even if it seems that their small flame couldn't possibly get out of bounds and cause significant damage. In fact, candles are the cause of many home fires every year.


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It could be your loved one we are trying to save

When you hear emergency vehicle sirens or see their lights, please pull over immediately!

If your access to a right lane is blocked, pull over as far to the right as you can. If you are in a roundabout, exit the roundabout, pull to the right and stop. Multi-lane intersections can be very confusing for drivers who are stopped in the left turn lane when emergency vehicles need to pass. If any lane of the intersection is clear, remain stoppedin the left lane to allow vehicles to pass. If there are no open lanes through which emergency vehicles can pass, emergency personnel will likely position their vehicle between two lanes, signaling the drivers in these lanes to move as far left and as far right as possible, creating a part of both lanes for emergency responders to get through.

City of Dublin Residents

City of Dublin residents are also residents of Washington Township. Exercise your resident privileges by taking advantage of the many programs and services available to you. The Fire Department and the Parks & Rec Department offer presentations on a variety of topics for all ages. more>>