Amlin Area Improvement Plan


The Amlin Area improvement plan was initiated by the Trustees in response to Amlin resident concerns related to flooding, and pedestrian safety. All updates are posted on this webpage with the most recent information first.

June 2022

Status report


May 2022

Status report

Street Tree Selection


April 2022

Status report


March 2022

Status report


February 2022

Status report


January 2022

Status report


December 2021

Status report


November, 2021

Status report


June, 2021

Part 1 and Part 2 plans now available for review. Park 1 is 100% complete and part 2 is 60% complete.

Latest memo on the status of the Amlin project.


December 21, 2020

EMH&T preliminary engineering deliverables.

Cover Letter Amlin Area 30% Plans 2020

1. Amlin Area Project Phases Exhibit

2. Amlin Area Infrastructure 30% Plan

3. Amlin Area Infrastructure Preliminary Opinion of Project Costs

4a. Cosgray Improvements Stormwater Conveyance Calculations

4b. Rings Road West of CSX Stormwater Conveyance Calculations without Cosgray Improvements

4c. Rings Road West of CSX Stormwater Conveyance Calculations with Cosgray Improvements

4d. Rings Road West of CSX Stormwater Conveyance Calculations without Downstream Improvements

4e. Rings Road West of CSX Stormwater Conveyance Calculations with Downstream Improvements

4f. Northern Alleys Stormwater Conveyance Calculations

5a. Cosgray Road Drainage Tributary Maps

5b. Rings Road Drainage Tributary Maps

6. Northern Alleys Ballentrae Woods Stormwater Basin Analysis

7. CCTV Storm System Investigation Findings 2020.08.19

8 Retention Basin Screening and Entry Signage Graphics


November 17, 2020

Proposal for professional services by EMH&T to complete final engineering specifications related to Amlin Area Infrastructure improvements (estimated cost not to exceed $402,000)


October 7, 2020

Letter from Township Administrator sent via USPS on October 7 updating Amlin residents on decisions made during the Sept. 22 Trustees meeting.


September 22, 2020

Letter from EMH&T re: Project Opinion Costs

Preliminary Opinion of Project Costs

Map of Project Phases


August 15, 2020

During the August 11 Board meeting,  the Trustees received comments and questions about the Amlin Area Improvement Plan from residents in attendance. The Board of Trustees discussed these topics during their Saturday, August 15th annual strategic planning and goal-setting meeting, and adopted the following prioritization for improvements to the Amlin area:

Phase I – Stormwater management.  Prioritize engineering, cost estimates, design and construction for stormwater improvements with our community partners (Franklin County Engineer and City of Dublin).

Phase II – Sidewalks, streetscape and beautification along Rings Road.  The Board elected to move forward with design of sidewalks north and south of Rings Road, east of the railroad tracks to the Churchman Road roundabout.  Sidewalks will be the narrowest allowed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The Board also asked the consultants to study the feasibility of adding a sidewalk, or shared use path, on the north side of Rings Road west of the railroad tracks to Cosgray Road.

Phase III – Amlin Alleys.  After evaluating comments and feedback from residents, the Board has elected to leave all alley access points that currently exist.  Grading, asphalt, and stormwater runoff will be improved to the existing township right-of-way alleys.


August 11, 2020

Proposed sidewalks, bicycle paths, signage along Rings Road (Amlin) renderings by EHM&T

CCVT findings: stormwater system in Amlin, by EMH&T

Meeting Minutes


July 14, 2020

Rings Road Storm Water between Cosgray Road and CSX Railroad: A portion of the storm sewers on Rings Road were cleaned and televised by EMH&T last Spring. Dublin has recently cleaned additional sewers along Cosgray Road south of Rings Road to remove roots and debris. The Township is coordinating with City of Dublin and Franklin County Engineer’s Office to evaluate additional maintenance activities and to identify potential long term improvements including replacement of storm sewers in the area.

Improvements to Rings Road from CSX Railroad to Churchman Road: The Township’s consultant team of EMH&T and MKSK are studying the feasibility of reconstructing Rings Road. The current concept includes adding sidewalks, lowering the road to improve roadside grading, and replacing storm sewers. The limits and widths of sidewalks along Rings Road are currently being studied.

Proposed Rings Road Improvement Plan rendering by EMH&T

Rings Road Improvement Plan Section View 1 rendering by EMH&T

Cosgray Drainage Tributary Map


June 2020

Representatives from EHM&T will provide a project progress report at the June 9 Trustee meeting. The following documentation supports this presentation:

1)      Memo summarizing the CCTV process and findings (this includes the map)

2)      Gateway signage concepts

3)      Concept for improving aesthetics of the stormwater feature at 6923 Rings Road


January 2020

Notification to Amlin residents of township’s plans to conduct preliminary engineering services during the months of February and March 2020. Supporting documentation which will be discussed at this meeting include 1) Memo summarizing the CCTV process and findings (this includes the map which we reviewed on Tuesday; 2) Gateway signage concepts; 3) Concept for improving aesthetics of the stormwater feature at 6923 Rings Road


December 2019

During the first two weeks of December, engineering firm, EMH&T, will begin (1) assessing the physical condition of Amlin’s stormwater drain tile system and the connectivity of septic system connections and (2) identifying the extension of the drain tile system between Cosgray and the railroad tracks.


November 2019

Letters sent to Rings Road residents notifying them of engineering work that is scheduled for December (see below).


October 2019

MKSK began their work on August 2, 2019 and completed it on October 22, when MKSK representatives delivered a presentation to Township Trustees. The delivery of this report concludes Phase 1 of the Amlin area improvement plan. Trustees are in the process of reviewing the report in preparation for further discussion about the study’s findings and recommendations.

Amlin Area Phase 1 Presentation

An accompanying description of the project and findings details MKSK’s data collection and recommendations.

Figure 4 and Figure 5 (pages 11 and 12 of the findings referenced above)


July 2019

In July 2019, The township contracted with MKSK to conduct an initial assessment of the area to collect data about the area’s existing infrastructure, stormwater management, property maintenance, zoning, and resident safety, and propose planning-level recommendations for the Trustees’ consideration.



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