Amlin Area Improvement Plan


The Amlin Area improvement plan was initiated by the Trustees in response to Amlin resident concerns related to flooding, and pedestrian safety.

July 2019

In July 2019, The township contracted with MKSK to conduct an initial assessment of the area to collect data about the area’s existing infrastructure, stormwater management, property maintenance, zoning, and resident safety, and propose planning-level recommendations for the Trustees’ consideration.

October 2019

MKSK began their work on August 2, 2019 and completed it on October 22, when MKSK representatives delivered a presentation to Township Trustees. The delivery of this report concludes Phase 1 of the Amlin area improvement plan. Trustees are in the process of reviewing the report in preparation for further discussion about the study’s findings and recommendations.

Amlin Area Phase 1 Presentation

An accompanying description of the project and findings details MKSK’s data collection and recommendations.

Figure 4 and Figure 5 (pages 11 and 12 of the findings referenced above)

November 2019

Letters sent to Rings Road residents notifying them of engineering work that is scheduled for December (see below).

December 2019

During the first two weeks of December, engineering firm, EMH&T, will begin (1) assessing the physical condition of Amlin’s stormwater drain tile system and the connectivity of septic system connections and (2) identifying the extension of the drain tile system between Cosgray and the railroad tracks.

January 2020

Notification to Amlin residents of township’s plans to conduct preliminary engineering services during the months of February and March 2020.

Future updates will be posted here as they are available.

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