Wet and wonderful if you are wary and wise


Summer time temperatures can make water activities especially inviting. Lucky for Central Ohioans, there are plenty of recreational opportunities at nearby rivers, streams, and pools. But not all are open to the public and, if they are, there are often limitations on the activities that are allowed.  Respect posted rules wherever you go and do what you can to reduce your risk of injury or medical emergency by exercising caution and considering these safety tips.

If you plan to go in, on, or near water, make sure someone knows where you are going and when and take a friend or family member with you.

Know how to swim before you go in or near water or a boat. Water depth and current speed can be deceiving. Even in shallow water, uneven ground or current can cause you to lose your footing. If you know how to swim, you will have a much better chance of getting to safety.

Carry a cell phone in a waterproof container so you can call for help if needed.

Pay attention to your surroundings and make sure you can describe your location in the event of an emergency.