Water weekly and deeply


The high temperatures and limited rainfall that often typifies summer in Ohio can be stressful on landscape plants. If you’re watering with public water, it can be an expensive proposition to keep everything green. So, get the most from the water you use by watering in the morning. Take advantage of lower air temperatures and less direct sun, both of which increase evaporation and transpiration. During periods of drought, water weekly and deeply. That is, when you water, deliver an inch. This will give the roots the moisture they need to grow deeper, making them more resistant to drought conditions. If you place a container in the area you are watering, it’s easy to determine when an inch has been delivered. Soaker hoses are another great way to direct water where it is needed, and is especially useful in flower beds and around shrubs. Simply snake the hose around the area you  want to water (at the drip line of shrubs). This method of watering is great because water doesn’t get on foliage, a key contributor to many plant fungal and mildew problems.