Watch stars, not screens


Looking for a fun staycation idea? Put electronics away for one night and camp out in your back yard. Create the time and conditions for your children to experience their yard as they have never before. Work has a way of getting camouflaged as fun when it comes to pitching the tent, making a bed, and preparing and cooking a simple meal. If your children aren’t used to unstructured play, activities and games like a scavenger hunt, camping bingo, flashlight tag, and leaf matching will enhance their observation skills and knowledge of the outdoors. And since we all know that the food kids make themselves tastes better to them than any other, give them the ingredients and instructions for making their own foil pack dinner. They are easy to assemble, readily customizable, and cook in minutes over coals or on a grill. There are lots of foil pack recipes on the internet if you are looking for inspiration but butter, a hamburger, potatoes, and onions is a basic starting point. Share your family’s camping experience with us on our Facebook page washington.township.dublin.ohio