Vial of Life could save your life


In a medical emergency, it can be difficult to think clearly. In the middle of confusion, the rush to get help, and the panic you may feel, it can be difficult to remember details about your loved one’s medical history, medications, allergies, doctor’s contact information etc. And yet, this is exactly what paramedics and or hospital staff may need. If you complete a Vial of Life form for each member of your household and post them in an accessible place (like the side of your refrigerator), paramedics will be able to find them if they are ever called to your home. We’ve heard from both younger and older adults about how the Vial of Life was a lifesaver in helping them provide medical information about a loved one to first responders. If you live alone or are unconscious or unable to speak  when the paramedics arrive, the Vial of Life form will be extremely valuable. Download a Vial of Life form from our web site anytime and remember to keep it updated.