Trustees approve EMS Transport Billing

At their Sept. 27 meeting, Township Trustees Bostic, Franz King, and Kranstuber voted unanimously to approve the resolution directing staff to move forward with an EMS transport billing program, anticipated to go into effect January 1, 2017.

Before implementation, a billing policy, currently under development by staff, will come before the Trustees for their approval.

This billing policy will outline the conditions and terms under which Washington Township will bill EMS patients’ insurance policies for ambulance transportation and patient care during transportation.

Under these guidelines, a contractor, selected by Washington Township, will invoice EMS patients¹ insurance carrier for the cost of transportation to a hospital. However, Washington Township and Dublin residents will not be billed for any uncovered portion of their transport or related expenses.

The EMS Billing Program will allow the Fire Department to recoup a portion of the costs of patient transportation to hospitals, thus supplementing the Fire Department¹s revenue by an estimated $750,000 annually.

EMS transport billing will not affect the quality of EMS care or the conditions under which Washington Township patients’ emergencies are addressed. The care of our patients remains our top priority.

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