Take the scary out of spring break hotel stays


‘Tis the season when millions of teens and college-age adults will venture out on a Spring Break vacation away from home, many without supervision. If your child will be staying in a hotel on their upcoming trip, review these safety tips with them to protect their health and safety. (1) Check the mattresses for telltale signs of bed bugs as soon as you enter your room. Not even the most expensive or best rated hotels are exempt from bed bug infestations. Even if the mattresses appear free of bed bugs, take every precaution against an infestation of your belongings by storing your suitcase and all your clothes, shoes etc. off the floor, bed, and upholstered furniture. (2) Locate two routes out of the building. (3) Use the deadbolt while in your room. I was once issued an electronic key card for a room which allowed me to enter a room that was already occupied. Staff mistakes happen. Using the deadbolt while you are in the room can prevent entry from anyone who has mistakenly been given access to your room. (4) If you see or hear something that is suspicious, unsafe, or illegal, call the front desk immediately.