Store, maintain and use propane with care

It’s grilling season which also makes it the season for propane tanks.┬áPropane is a clean-burning, economical, and convenient fuel source. But, as with any fuel source, especially one that is in a pressurized tank, care, caution and proper use is important.

Cylinder tanks must be located outside of the home. Never store or use propane gas cylinders larger than one pound inside the home. Any gas leaking from a cylinder could build up and be ignited by a flame or spark, causing an explosion or a fire.

Never operate a propane-powered gas grill inside the home or on a balcony or porch. High levels of carbon monoxide gas can be generated causing serious illness or death.

If you smell a strong odor of gas (manufacturers deliberately add a chemical compound to give it the distinctive rotten egg smell), it could indicate a leak in the hose or a connection between the tank and your grill. Turn off the tank immediately and discontinue use until after you have identified and remedied the cause.