Road Maintenance/Snow Removal

Road being Paved

Washington Township provides snow removal, ditch maintenance, street sign maintenance and pavement maintenance for Township roads. Township roads include Baldwin Road, Fulk Road, Holiday Lane, Shier Lane, Fishel Drive and the alleys in the unincorporated town of Amlin.

Snow Plowing and Ice Treatment

Washington Township has contracted with The City of Dublin and Franklin County Engineer to plow snow and spread salt as needed. The City of Dublin will be covering the Amlin area (including alleys). Franklin County Engineer will be covering Shier Lane, Holiday Lane, Baldwin Road, and Fishel Drive. Plowing and ice control in these areas will take place after primary roads have been cleared.

If you wish to contact either of the above-mentioned agencies about your snow and ice control services, they can be reached at the following numbers:

City of Dublin, Streets & Utilities Division Superintendent – (614) 410-4750

Franklin County Engineer, Maintenance – (614) 525-3030

Washington Township works closely with the Franklin County engineer to tour and inspect roads and to identify and fulfill maintenance needs. By law, the county engineer serves as engineer for the townships. The county engineer bids for maintenance services, in line with county and other township projects under way in the county. Funds are provided through gasoline taxes and motor vehicle license fees to pay for the maintenance work and road signage.

Washington Township partners with other Townships, Franklin County and the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District to meet the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Storm Water Program.

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