Safe Drug Storage


Protect your prescriptions


It’s an Epidemic
Drug abuse and overdoses have reached epidemic proportions in the United States and Ohio is among the worst in the country. While heroine is cited as one of the more common drugs at the core of this epidemic, it’s often a long term prescription for a pain killer that leads to a substitute like heroine when their prescription expires.

Today’s drug addicts cover all ages, races, sexes, and socioeconomic categories. Depending on their level of drug dependence, addicts can appear quite “normal”—going to work, raising their children, etc. But it is this very fact that makes them so successful at acquiring prescription medications from unsuspecting relatives and friends.

Secure Your Medications
Store your prescription medications in a secure place, where someone who might be looking for them will not find them.

Drug Disposal Options
Dispose of any unused and or expired medications at a local collection event or dedicated drug drop box. The City of Dublin offers a drug drop box at the Dublin Justice Center, 6565 Commerce Parkway Dublin, Ohio. It’s free, monitored, and open 24/7.

Safe Storage Lock Bag
Washington Township and Dublin residents can request a lock bag (while supplies last) to help them secure their medications (One per household, please.). To request a bag, complete the form below.

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