Rumpke Waste and Recycling


Starting January of 2022, Washington Township will provide residential solid waste and recycling services to the unincorporated residents free of charge. The residential service package selected by the Township includes one 95/gallon rolling trash cart and one 95/gallon rolling recycling cart for each residence. This standardized option ensures residents have plenty of room for trash and recyclables, and supports efficient cost-effective automated service across the Township.

A letter was mailed to all these residents at the end of July, explaining the process and asking for feedback. You can read the letter here.

If you feel 95/gallon carts will present a hardship for you, please contact the Township Administrator by phone, or email by August 31, 2021. Emails should be sent to Eric Richter, or you can give him a call at 614-652-3920. We will use this information in our upcoming discussions with Rumpke.


Posted: 8/10/2021