Clean gutters but be careful using ladders


It’s leaf season in Central Ohio, so if you have trees in or near your yard, your home’s gutters may fill to the brim, blocking water flow to your downspouts. A blocked gutter can overflow, causing damage to your foundation and damp conditions in your basement.  Water held in gutters can be heavy enough to loosen the nails or straps securing them. While gutter cleaning is important, your safety is more important. If you will be performing this maintenance task, do so when weather conditions are dry and only with a sturdy ladder that is tall enough for you to use it as it is intended. If possible, have someone spot you while you are on the ladder. Take time to position the ladder so it is stable each time you reposition it. A fall from even a few feet can be fatal or cause debilitating injuries that last a lifetime. Don’t take unnecessary risks with ladders.