Impolite Bite

Mosquito on Skin

Do what you can to eliminate the conditions in your yard that mosquitoes need to multiply. Standing water is a mosquito’s best friend, even if it is a small amount. Check for any objects that hold water after a rain and store them where they won’t collect water. In the case of pet water dishes and bird baths, change the water every couple days so any mosquito eggs that may have been laid in the water won’t have time to develop.

Franklin County Public Health has been actively larviciding (commonly referred to as fogging or spraying) since April, and mosquito trapping to test for Zika virus began Monday, May 15th. Franklin County Public Health is currently accepting and responding to service requests, and do-not-spray requests. These requests must be submitted every year. To submit a request or voice a complaint, visit online at or call (614) 525-BITE (2483).