Hydrant flushing will continue to end of October


Washington Township Fire Department will be flushing a select group of fire hydrants throughout Dublin during the month of October. These hydrants are “dead end” hydrants or those located at the end of a public water line and make up approximately 11% of the total 3000 hydrants that are flushed and pumped in the Spring. Flushing will take place daily, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Because this work is being performed on only a small portion of Dublin’s hydrants, and because their locations are at the end of the water lines, the Fire Department anticipates very few residents will experience the impacts typical of spring flushing and pumping, which are brief periods of low water pressure and or discoloration of water. However, if discoloration occurs, residents are advised to run cold water for several minutes until it clears. This should also be done prior to washing laundry to avoid stains on clothing.