Grass seeding success


Get your new grass seed started now!

  • For best results use a drill / slice seeder machine and seed in several directions.
  • If the site is seeded by hand, lightly rake the seed into the soil. The seed must make contact with the soil. Seed on top of dead grass or thatch may germinate but quickly die. Roll lightly if possible for good seed soil contact.
  • Mulch, to help maintain soil moisture for seed germination.
  • Irrigate, keep soil moist until the new seedlings are growing and have an adequate root system to survive.
  • Apply starter fertilizer with high Phosphorous (P). Phosphorous is very important for successful seed germination and establishment. This is true even when a soil test notes that there is adequate phosphorous to grow an established lawn.
  • Avoid applying herbicides this spring, i.e. do NOT apply fertilizer plus crabgrass preventer or weed-and-feed products. Young seedlings don’t tolerate herbicides well and the general guideline is to wait until the seedling have been mowed three times before applying any herbicides. With all herbicide produces read the label and follow use directions

For more information, go to OSU’s Buckeye Turf web site