Flame or flameless?


Candles can add ambiance, fragrance, and a flicker that symbolizes for so many, a special occasion, relaxation, or celebration. While beautiful and useful, candles that are burned unattended or used in unsafe ways have been the cause of many house fires. So the introduction of flameless candles in the marketplace was a welcomed by those who don’t want to worry about the potential for their candles to cause a fire. Unlike flamed candles, flameless candles have a wider range of uses because they can be used near flammable items, left unattended, and don’t pose danger if accidentally knocked over. If you use flame candles, take the time to extinguish them when you leave the room or retire for the evening. Trim the wick to control the size of the flame. Finally, burn candles in containers that are large enough to hold dripping wax, elevated from flammable surfaces, and separated from centerpiece decorations.