Special Operations


Central Ohio Strike Team

The Washington Township Fire Department has committed members to serve on the Central Ohio Strike Team, one of Ohio’s five regional teams trained to respond in the event of a large-scale disaster (natural and man-made). This was done as part of the Ohio Fire Service Emergency Response Plan. Initiated shortly after the September 11 attack, the team is comprised of firefighters from every department in Franklin County who train on technical rescue issues, including structural collapse, confined space rescue, trench rescue, rope rescues and auto/machinery extrication. The team also provides urban search and rescue services throughout Central Ohio through the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency and each mutual aid agreement.

Northwest Area Strike Team

The Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS-T) was formed in 1980 by a group of fire departments in the northwest area of Franklin County. This organization was formed as a task force to investigate fires to determine their origin and cause, provide hazardous materials incident response, training and safety. The task force approach to addressing these operational issues has proved successful at maximizing each participating agency’s resources.
While NAS-T is primarily responsible for servicing its core group of participating jurisdictions (Washington Township, Grandview Heights, Norwich Township, Upper Arlington, Westerville, and Worthington.), the team’s resources and expertise can also be called upon to assist other agencies throughout the county and State. In fact, NAS-T’s effectiveness has resulted in significant funding through the Franklin County EMA.

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