Special Purpose Teams

Rescue Team in Water

Washington Township Fire Department retains a number of special purpose response teams to address distinct and highly technical rescues. Each discipline requires training above and beyond that of a firefighter or paramedic. To maintain proficiency in each rescue discipline requires on-going training so first responders are always current on new techniques, tools and equipment.

Washington Township also participates in two regional response groups: the Central Ohio Strike Team and the Northwest Area Strike Team. These two groups were assembled to supplement local response capabilities, especially in large-scale emergencies. As a member of these groups, Washington Township is ensured the support, when needed, from all participating departments.

The Central Ohio Strike Team’s focus is technical rescues. The Northwest Area Strike Team’s focus is hazardous materials responses. When activated, the group members are responsible to bring to the emergency the part of the inventory of response tools, equipment, and supplies their department maintains on behalf of the team. This allows participating departments to share the burden of purchasing, maintaining and delivering what is needed to effectively address large-scale emergencies.

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