Fire Code

Group of Firefighters

Copies of the Dublin and Washington Township Fire Prevention codes are available at the Dublin Library Reference Department and the Washington Township Administration and Training Center, 6200 Eiterman Road.

In April 2003, the City of Dublin adopted the 2000 edition of the International Fire Code. This model fire prevention code was also adopted by the Township Trustees within the unincorporated areas of Washington Township in March 2004. The International Fire Code addresses conditions hazardous to life and property from fire explosion; hazardous materials storage, handling or use, and the use; and occupancy of commercial buildings and premises.

The fire code:

  • sets criteria for inspecting the more than 1,200 public buildings in Washington Township for fire safety
  • outlines general fire precautions including electrical violations and combustible storage practices in buildings
  • establishes the proper maintenance and testing procedures for fire protection systems (fire alarm, sprinkler, fire extinguisher etc.) and maintenance of specific types of equipment, processes, hazards, and occupancies
  • regulates permits to authorize the performance of a specific activity. The 46 permits outlined in the fire code range from restaurants to special event tents and allow the fire department to review and approve devices, safeguards, and procedures that may be needed to ensure the safe use of hazardous materials, operations, and special events.
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