$160,115 grant improves patient care and firefighter safety


Washington Township Fire Department received a grant in the amount of $160,115 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which will be used to purchase four LUCAS™ chest compression systems with a four year warranty and make upgrades to the exhaust evacuation systems at two of the department’s four fire stations, Station 92 and 93. Including the fire department’s required 10% grant match, the cost for the two projects is expected to be $176,126.

The LUCAS™ devices will be used to deliver chest compressions to patients suffering from cardiac arrest. Because the device is battery operated and automated, the LUCAS™ system doesn’t fatigue like humans do, delivering uninterrupted compressions at a consistent rate and depth for as long as is needed. Studies have shown that consistent, uninterrupted compressions helps maintain good circulation, which helps to improve a patient’s chances for a successful outcome.

Another advantage of the LUCAS™ device over manual compressions is its portability. The device can move with the patient, from the emergency location to the emergency room. And because the LUCAS™ replaces manual compressions, it frees paramedics to perform other tasks critical to patient care and transport. The devices are expected to go into service on each of the department’s four medics by the end of the year. The cost of the devices with a four-year warranty is $78,128.

The remaining $97,998 of the grant will be used to upgrade exhaust evacuation systems at stations 92 (4497 Hard Road) and 93 (5825 Brand Road). Replacing a compressed air system with one that uses magnets to control the release of hoses from departing trucks is expected to reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability, and improve the air quality in the bay.