Kids with kitchen experience have fewer accidents


Involve your children in food preparation as early as you can. It might take extra time and patience, but the benefits are worth it. Having experience using kitchen appliances and mastering kitchen tools can help reduce the risk of cooking accidents. Another important reason to engage kids in cooking is to give them experience transforming fresh ingredients into yummy dishes they enjoy. This skill can save them money in the future and lead to healthier eating habits over eating processed and/or fast food.

Choose activities that are age appropriate. Whether it’s assembling,washing, measuring, or chopping, there is something almost any age can help with in the kitchen. For example, 3-6 year olds can help wash fruits and vegetables or spread peanut butter. Six to 10 year olds can read recipes, write a shopping list, measure and stir ingredients. As their dexterity, coordination, and skills improve, so will your child’s repertoire of things they can create. By the time they are in their teens, they’ll be blending and baking, safely and deliciously!