Clean water is safe water


Fertilizer, animal waste, and sewage are major sources of pollution in streams, rivers and lakes, which we all depend on for recreation and sources of drinking water. Help keep Central Ohio’s water clean and safe with these simple water pollution-prevention practices:

1. If you have a household sewage treatment system (septic system or aerator), make sure it is functioning properly.

2. If you fertilize your lawn, read the labels and do your research to ensure proper application and timing.  Sweep up any fertilizer from sidewalks, driveways, streets and other hard surfaces, so that it doesn’t wash into storm drains.

3. Keep lawn and yard waste (raked leaves, yard clippings, etc.) out of the street and backyard streams.  Remember, storm drains discharge directly to our streams.

4. Pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly.

5. Wash your car in an area where the wash and rinse water drains to a grassy area and not the street, or wash it at a commercial car wash.

6. Install practices that infiltrate rain water into the ground such as rain barrels and cisterns that store water that can be reused and rain gardens that can store and infiltrate water from our rooftops.

7. Maintain your vehicles’ pollution control devices.  These devices reduce the nitrogen compounds that are released into the air and then return to the ground in the form of rain as nutrients.