Special Needs Registry

If someone in your home has short- or long-term special needs, make sure to sign up for the Washington Township Special Needs Registry. The registry lets first responders know you family member’s medical needs while en route to your home in the event of …Read More

Home Fire Safety Inventory

This free, confidential service includes consultation regarding emergency escape planning; smoke and carbon monoxide detector placement and testing; and identification of home hazards. Residents who are applying for foster home/adoption status also are served by this program. Home fire safety inventories are conducted by …Read More

Car Seat Installation

Make an appointment to have your child car seat properly secured in your car. Car seat installations are conducted by National Child Passenger Safety Board-certified technicians. Appointments are required and take about 30 minutes per car seat. Appointments are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at ...Read More

Background Check

Washington Township offers three types of background check services: FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation), and FBI and BCI. To be eligible for either of these checks, you must present a valid drivers’ license, state issued identification, or passport at …Read More

Bicycle Helmets

To work as they are intended, bicycle helmets must sit level on the head and fit snugly enough that they won’t shift when jarred or bumped. Is your helmet ready to do its job? If you aren’t sure, refer to the guidelines below. Getting …Read More

Knox Box

Washington Township/City of Dublin, businesses protected by a fire alarm or sprinkler system monitored by an off-site company, are required to install a Knox Box. Knox® Boxes are small metal boxes designed to safely secure entry keys in the event of an emergency. Having …Read More

Road Maintenance/Snow Removal

Washington Township provides snow removal, ditch maintenance, street sign maintenance and pavement maintenance for Township roads. Township roads include Baldwin Road, Fulk Road, Holiday Lane, Shier Lane, Fishel Drive and the alleys in the unincorporated town of Amlin. Snow Plowing and Ice Treatment Washington …Read More

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can pose a potential health risk as transmitters of diseases, such as encephalitis and West Nile virus. A single water-filled bucket can produce a new generation of hundreds of biting mosquitoes every few days. Most disease-causing mosquitoes spend their entire lives within 300 …Read More

Animal Control

Stray Cats and Dogs Washington Township encourages the responsible control of domestic animals on public and private properties. Domestic animals that are allowed to roam can be aggressive threats, and contribute to the continuing rabies problem in this region. Because domestic cats and dogs …Read More

Law Enforcement

Police services, including patrol and investigation, are provided by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in unincorporated areas, and by the City of Dublin Division of Police within the Dublin city limits. The sheriff provides the following services: declaring snow emergencies, conducting real estate auctions, …Read More