Deer are active now. Stay clear.

According the the Highway Loss Data Institute, the number of insurance claims because of animal-vehicle collisions peaks in November. Take steps to keep yourself clear of deer on the roads. Stay alert and use high beams when there isn’t oncoming traffic. If you spot …Read More

Let’s talk turkey –deep fried

If you will be frying your turkey this Thanksgiving, here are a few preparations you can make and safety tips to follow that will help you deliver a juicy, golden-brown turkey to your table. Use a fryer that has a built-in thermostat so the …Read More

Clean gutters but be careful using ladders

It’s leaf season in Central Ohio, so if you have trees in or near your yard, your home’s gutters may fill to the brim, blocking water flow to your downspouts. A blocked gutter can overflow, causing damage to your foundation and damp conditions in …Read More

Target shooting on private property in Township legal but carries risks

Because of a recent report of target shooting on private Washington Township property, Township Trustees want to remind residents in the unincorporated township of the risk and responsibility this activity carries. While it  is legal to discharge firearms on private property in Washington Township, it …Read More

Keep leaves from blocking or entering storm drains

Storm drains help prevent flooding by draining away to nearby rivers the rain that would otherwise accumulate on paved surfaces. But when storm drains are blocked with leaves, sticks or grass, they cannot work properly. If you spot a clogged storm drain, don’t clear …Read More

Reduce risk of falling with three easy home fixes

Falls can cause injuries that take a long time to heal and, in some cases, create life-long complications and severely reduce ones quality of life. If you have a loved one who has a high risk for falls, here are a few things you …Read More

Friends by the fire

Fire pits are allowed in Dublin as long as the fire container is at least 15 feet from any structure or burnable surface and the size of the fire does not exceed three feet wide by two feet high. Avoid burning during windy conditions …Read More

When it rains, stormwater drains

Stormwater runoff is the rain that doesn’t soak into the ground and picks up pollutants as it passes down the roofs of homes and buildings, through the gutters, and into storm drain inlets. Unfortunately, stormwater runoff does not go to waste-water treatment plants and …Read More

Fire truck drive-by for winner of scavenger hunt drawing

We’ve had to cancel our fire station open house this year but we want to invite you to celebrate National Fire Prevention Week from your home by taking part in our safety scavenger hunt.  We are offering our young residents a chance to win …Read More

Fire Safety Poster Contest for 3rd Graders

Celebrate National Fire Prevention Week with us by creating a poster and entering it in our contest. The theme this year is KITCHEN FIRE SAFETY. All third graders enrolled in Dublin City Schools, Washington Elementary (Hilliard Schools), St. Brigid’s, Tree of Life, or homeschooled …Read More