Drive thru service on December 15 for donations of new, unwrapped toys

We know you have a lot to get done on the weekends during the holiday season so we’re offering a drive-thru drop off option at fire station 91 to make it easier and faster to donate to the Firefighters 4 Kids Toys Drive. If …Read More

Child Car Seat Checks are Free

Need your child car seat fitted? Use our convenient online scheduling system to select the appointment time that best fits your schedule. We ask that you remove your car seat from its packaging prior to your appointment. Our certified car seat technician will show …Read More

Toy Drive begins December 1

Between December 1 and 21, we’re collecting new, unwrapped toys for the Firefighters 4 Kids organization. All four of our fire stations are accepting donations. Firefighters 4 Kids is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide toys at Christmastime for youth who may …Read More

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and poisonous

Carbon monoxide is generated by fossil fuel burning appliances. Under normal circumstances, these appliances are vented to the outdoors which carries the CO out of your home, garage etc. CO can become a problem if venting fails, causing CO to accumulate in your home. …Read More

Land purchased for next fire station

As Dublin grows, it may be necessary, sometime in the future, to add a fifth fire station. A station will be built only when the fire department can no longer maintain its goal for emergency response time (under 8 minutes 90% of the time), …Read More

Deer Danger

According the the Highway Loss Data Institute, the number of insurance claims because of animal-vehicle collisions peaks in November. Take steps to keep yourself clear of deer on the roads. Stay alert and use high beams when there isn’t oncoming traffic. If you spot …Read More

Only rain down storm drains

Storm drains help prevent flooding by draining away to nearby rivers the rain that would otherwise accumulate on paved surfaces. Keep storm drains clear of debris and leaves so they can do their job. Never dump hazardous materials like oil, paint, driveway sealer, herbicides, …Read More

Don’t give creosote a chance to ignite

Chimney fires don’t seem like a big worry until you’ve witnessed one. When you see the flames shooting out the top of a chimney and sparks landing on a roof accompanied by the roar of what sounds like a freight train, you realize just …Read More

Medic refurbishment saves taxpayers $145,000

Medic 94 is the fire department’s backup medic when front line medics are taken out of service for repair or maintenance. A 2007 model, its age and mileage necessitate its refurbishment in order to maintain its reliability as a emergency response vehicle. Refurbishment will …Read More

Fire Station Open House October 7

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, we’ve planned a lot of special activities and demonstrations at each of our four fire stations and hope you’ll stop by to get in on the fun! It’s on Sunday October 7 from 1-4 pm.