Progress with Amlin area improvements

A representative from the engineering firm, EMH& T, will present an update on the Amlin Area Improvement Project at the Sept. 22 Trustee meeting. The first phase of this project has been focused on drainage infrastructure. Future phases of this project will address alleys, …Read More

Consider size, color, and location for house numbers

Emergency responders have maps and GPS devices to help them find your home but it’s also helpful if they can readily find your address on your home. Make sure the size and style (font) of the numbers you select are easy to read from the street. …Read More

Mosquito spraying Sept. 8

Weather permitting, mosquito spraying is scheduled for Tuesday September 8th in the South Dublin area beginning at 8:45 pm. Click on the title of this article to see the spray area here.

Get ALERTed of local and county-wide emergencies

Receive emergency notifications about severe weather and disasters as well as location-specific information regarding crime alerts, road closures, transportation incidents, utility outages, government closings and other important community news. Register for ALERT Franklin County at

Be Safe. Be Seen

Daylight is in short supply in the winter months in Central Ohio, so, for many, commuting takes place when it’s dark. When traveling by vehicle, cycle, or foot, pay extra attention to your surroundings. Drivers: Look out for pedestrians and cyclists. And if you …Read More

Watch at cross walks

When students return to school on August 19th, they will have a lot on their minds. Many are excited, preoccupied in conversation with friends, or using their cell phone as they walk, run, bicycle, or scooter to and from school. Don’t assume students will …Read More

Online CPR

Did you know that administering chest compressions alone can help save someone’s life? Most CPR classes teach CPR with breaths and chest compressions but, if you provide compressions only (at the recommended rate and depth), you will still be helping by moving oxygenated blood …Read More

Once is not enough. Kick the single-use plastic habit.

The majority of the US plastic waste no longer meets the purity standards set by the countries (mainly China) to which the US has been selling it. This has created a glut in the plastic waste market that cannot be absorbed by US markets. …Read More

Attend August 11 and September Trustee meetings with gotomeeting app

Until further notice, Trustee meetings will be held remotely using the gotomeeting app.  The August 11 and September 8 meetings at 6 pm can be accessed online with or without video, or by telephone (voice only) at

Keep Fireworks to the 4th

Americans celebrate our Nation’s birthday in many ways, with food, family, friends and fireworks being among the most common ingredients in 4th of July celebrations. Of these, fireworks are probably the most intrusive for the loud popping, hissing and cracking sounds they make. So when the …Read More