Storm drains are for water only

Storm drains in our streets connect directly to rivers. Pick up trash, spills, grass clippings and leaves to keep them from entering storm drains. Clean water benefits all life that depends on it—aquatic life and people!

We’ll train your employees on fire extinguisher use

Most of us know what a fire extinguisher is and what it is used for, but very few of us have ever used one. Prepare your staff to  respond quickly and effectively with a fire extinguisher, should the need arise during the work day. …Read More

Summertime story time at the fire stations

Come early to see the big red trucks! Then gather around to listen to one of our firefighters read a story or two. There’s a good chance that Sparky, our fire safety mascot, will stop by to say hello. Register online on this site …Read More

Be the one who knows what to do until help arrives

You called 9-1-1. Now what? Battalion Chief Mike Riebel and Dublin Emergency Dispatchers will offer information and skills that could make you a lifesaver on the scene of an emergency. Learn what you can do to help an injured person while you wait for …Read More

Spring severe weather calls for a NOAA weather radio

A NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather radio can give you the information you need to make important decisions that will affect your life and the lives of your family members. The NOAA Weather Radio broadcast contains information about all types of severe …Read More

Rescue breaths not mandatory for life saving

Did you know that administering chest compressions alone can help save someone’s life? We teach our CPR classes with breaths and chest compressions but, if you provide compressions only (at the recommended rate and depth), you will still be helping by moving oxygenated blood …Read More

Get your green on

It’s the greenest, greatest, shamrockiest time in Dublin Ohio. The City is holding its annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Saturday March 16. If you come to the parade, look for our firefighters in the big red trucks! If you would like to help …Read More

Is a Knox Box right for you?

Knox Boxes® are small metal boxes that are specially designed to secure keys to buildings where emergency entry may be required when no one is present to open a door (i.e. after business hours during evenings and weekends). Knox Boxes® are mounted outdoors in …Read More

Community garden plots available

Join our community garden! 12′ X 14′ plots available on a first-come, first-served basis. $40/season for residents, $50/season for non-residents. The Township supplies the tilled soil, water source, and compost pile. Gardeners supply the seeds, plants, plant supports (if needed), weeding, harvesting, and end-of-season garden …Read More

Call if you can, text only if you can’t

Text to 911 service is available in Franklin and Delaware Counties as of January 23. However, public safety officials advise to only do so as a last resort. A text to 911 call doesn’t provide the same location information to emergency dispatchers as a …Read More