Before you move your child into campus housing


Before moving in to campus housing, confirm the necessary equipment and policies are in place that help reduce the risk of injury or even death from fire.

  • Is it equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system? Sprinklers provide a vital first line of defense when it comes to controlling fires and reduce the chances of dying in fire by half to two thirds.
  • Does every student’s room have a smoke alarm? Fire alarm systems will give everyone a warning that there is a fire and time to escape.
  • Is smoking banned in the building? Smoking is the third leading cause of fire in residence halls.
  • Are candles and halogen lamps prohibited? This style of light is generally discouraged because of the fire hazard from the high temperature of the bulb and their power consumption.
  • Does the school have policies on the use of electrical appliances and extension cords/power strip use?
  • How often are fire drills conducted?
  • Where are the fire extinguishers located and does the school provide fire extinguisher training for students?

For more information concerning on-campus residence halls, Greek housing, or off-campus housing fire safety, contact Fire Marshal Mike Altomare at 614-652-3934.