Back-to-School Fire Safety

Back-to-school season is here and students of all ages could should know the basics about fire safety whether it is at home or at school.

 Here are a few simple tips on fire safety, to share with friends and family.


Stop, drop, and roll


“Stop, drop, and roll” is the fire safety principle so fundamental that your children will probably be learning it in school this year… if they haven’t already! Now is a good time to go over what to do in the event that you catch on fire.


People should stop moving, get on the ground, and roll around on the ground to effectively “smother” the flames and extinguish them due to the lack of oxygen. You can also cover your face in the process to keep away from the flames.


Always keep calm


A calm response to emergencies is always smart in and out of school, and in every kind of emergency. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association notes that “order is more important than speed” when performing a fire drill and, therefore, preparing for the event of a real fire.


Staying calm will help even large families or groups of students get out safely without missing important steps.


Get to know emergency exits


Just as your child will learn about emergency routes and exits at school, they can do the same at home, too. Help show them the best route to take in case of an emergency at home and instruct them where to meet you once safely outside.


Posted: 7/29/21