A little respect goes a long way when using fireworks


While illegal to possess or use in Ohio, lighting firecrackers, bottle rockets and Roman candles as part of 4th of July celebrations has become commonplace. It’s true…Fireworks can create excitement and a memorable experience, but they also cause 2/3 of injuries reported from fireworks. The best way to prevent these injuries is to leave fireworks displays to trained professionals.

But, if you choose to accept the risk, make safety your first priority and be considerate of your neighbors and their pets. Adults should always supervise fireworks activities, reading and following the label directions. Keep others out of range when igniting fireworks. Choose an ignition spot far away from homes, dry leaves and other flammable materials. Never try to re-ignite fireworks that have not fully functioned on the first attempt. Keep a bucket of water handy in case a fire occurs. Finally, let your neighbors know of your intentions to use fireworks near their homes, and be respectful of their sleep schedules (they may work at 5 a.m. the following morning) and pets, who can become very distressed from the sound of fireworks.