A key box could save your life


Our firefighter/Paramedics will force entry into your home to help you, if necessary, but that takes time and damages property. Instead, consider making a key available in a lockbox outside your home. One kind of lockbox is a Knox Box®. Mounted near your front door, first responders can access it when Dublin Police Emergency Dispatchers provide access, via radio signal, to a master key.

If you think a Knox Box® would be of value to you, call the Fire Department at 652-3920 and request an authorization form. Submit the completed form with payment to the Fire Marshal (6200 Eiterman Road, Dublin, Ohio 43016) for his signature. The Fire Department will submit your order and the box will be delivered to the address you specify on your authorization form. Once you have the box, contact the Fire Prevention Division to arrange for a consultation with a Fire Inspector about where it should be installed. A record of its location will be added to the database that first responders can access if they ever need to enter your home when you are not available.